Aurora AR
  • At Aurora AR, we make world's 1st compact 135° field of view augmented reality glass working under daylight.

    With custom designed optics and illumination system. Low-cost manufacturable in 2017.

  • Standalone AR glass, usecase in education, furniture, exhibition, social and game. Looking for application partners get in touch.

More About Us

Our Advantages.

135° Field of View.

Cover >95% of human view area, >80% of left and right eye overlape, 3D view.

High Brightness for Daylight.

Custom made high brightness and high contract illumination source, of >500 nits, working in daylight & normal sunlight.

Compact Optical System.

Instead of using giant 6 inch phone size display panel, we use 11 mm diameter micro display, all tricks are in optics design.

Standalone Device.

With powerful on-device mobile CPU/GPU processor, LTE, Wifi and Bluetooth.

Inside Out Position Tracking.

Using custom built 170° 3D tracking with IMUs data for accurate odometry and SLAM tracking.

Low-cost & Fast to Manufacture.

We design our optics and device with manufacturability, cost effectiveness and time-to-market in mind, Beta come out in Fall 2017.

Switchable Opacity Display.

Low power switchable opacity display, change transparency depend on sunlight condition, swithable between AR and VR.

Bio-sensors Hub for AI on AR.

Partner with bio sensor input and analysis teams, for making 1st AR glass to read human thought, enironmental chemicals. APIs for machine learning developers.

Unity APIs.

Tracking, display and sensor data API in Unity game engine for developers and designers build with.

Meet Our Team.

Kelly Peng

CEO & Electro-optical Engineer

EECS & CS at UC Berkeley & UIUC. Self-taught hardware and software engineer, worked on nuclear fusion reactor, robot suitcase, solar car. Inventor of core optics technology.

Alex Turin

Chief Product Engineer

Multidiscpline hardware, software engineer and designer. Worked with Samsung, Nike on product R&D and design. Worked on AR glass optics and device industrial design.

Habid Rascon-Ramos

Electrical Engineer

Master and bachelor in electrical engineer at UC Davis. Electrical engineer researcher at UC Berkeley Device Research Group & iNano Lab at UC Davis. Good at circuit design and firmware.

Julian Osinski

VP of Optical Systems

Ph.D. in Electrophysics at University of Southern California. Former VP product marketing at Pacific Light Technologies, former R&D manager at SDL Inc. on high power semiconductor laser

  • We are currently in the 2nd batch of HTC ViveX accelerator in San Francisco & Shenzhen

Get In Touch With Us.

We are looking for Beta users, partnerships on manufacture, hardware, display, sensor, software and applications, feel free to reach out.

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San Francisco, CA
94127 US

Contact Numbers:

Phone: (330) 998 8159